Hurricane Season Triptych

Art Rosenbaum is a painter, muralist, and illustrator, as well as a collector and performer of traditional American folk music.


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The Studio and the Sea
Howard Finster with Couple and Fire


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The World at Large


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Five Hundred Miles. Harve Childers and His Brother George
Ann Smith Handing Cactus to Her Brother


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The Good Ship Planet
Ben Burton Park


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Self-portrait with Fiddle
Self-portrait in Studio
“Art Rosenbaum is a great American painter.
Smart as hell, raw and beautiful, all heart, soul, and music.”Len Jenkin, playwright and novelist
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“Rosenbaum [has the] ability to orchestrate the sharply observed elements of this world so that utterly convincing details add up to a bizarre allegorical vision.”Eleanor Heartney, A Sense of Place, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


The boxed set Art of Field Recording Vol. I: Fifty Years of American Traditional Music won a Grammy for Best Documentary Recording in 2008. Volume I and its companion set includes four CDs of many genres of music recorded in the field by Art Rosenbaum as well as a book of annotations illustrated by Art with photographs by Margo Newmark Rosenbaum.

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Art of Field Recording Box Set, Volume 1
Art of Field Recording Box Set, Volume 2